April 17 2020

World Editors Forum

New Trends in Newsrooms report: Amplifying Women’s Voices


The latest Trends in Newsrooms report, Amplifying Women’s Voices, captures the work, up until February 2020, of a string of admirable newsrooms, which have made a determined effort to see more women experts quoted, more balance in photos and generally a more reflective news product.

Post COVID-19, these processes are at risk. Inevitable downsizing and survival strategies could well threaten to knock down the issue of gender on the list of newsroom priorities. It is going to take the collective strength and determination of all women (and men) in the news business to ensure that the good work is not undone.

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Journalism Emergency Funds Around the World


Based on the evidence of lost income and an inability to pay essential living expenses, we anticipate a great need for support within our global network of news publishers and members. 

To support them during these challenging times, we have compiled a list of journalism emergency relief funds available both globally and regionally. This work is in progress but we hope that this preliminary mapping will help our global member community in the short term.

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'Credible media vital in COVID-19 fight'

In this op-ed, World Editors Forum President, Warren Fernandez, warns of changes to come and urges action to minimise damage to the media and democracy.

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How to ethically cover COVID-19 pandemic

Editors on the frontline of covering  COVID-19 shared insights into how to improve the quality of coverage and distance journalism from the sea of misinformation.

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Kenya: Our survival requires a reset

Mutuma Mathiu, Editorial Director of Nation Media Group in Kenya, gives insight to the impact of COVID-19 on life in Kenya and on the media.

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What we're reading

Francesco Marconi: 45 ways AI is being used in journalism

McClatchy editor Robyn Tomlin asked readers for help: ‘What happened next surprised me’ (Local Media Association)

Rasmus Kleis Nielsen et al.: Navigating the ‘infodemic’: how people in six countries access and rate news and information about coronavirus (RISJ)

Dan Gillmor & Kristy Roschke: Linking to older stories is usually noble, but for coronavirus, it can be a recipe for a misinformed audience (Nieman Lab)

Jim Waterson & Dean Sterling Jones: Daily Telegraph stops publishing section paid for by China (The Guardian)

Richard Gingras: A Global Journalism Emergency Relief Fund for local news (Google News Initiative)


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